Why was the order closed without my participation?

Your order could have been closed due to one of the following reasons: Margin level on your trading account reached Stop Out value (current Stop Out values for every account type can be found on "Account types" page). The asset price reached Stop Loss or Take Profit. Trailing Stop of your position worked.

Why was the order executed not at the declared price?

The following types of orders may be executed not at the declared price: Buy Stop, Sell Stop, and Stop Loss. When these orders are triggered, the system sends the Market order, which is executed at the current price at the time of the order processing. This is the reason why there might be differences between the price specified in the pending order and the execution price. Other types of pending orders, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, and Take Profit, are executed at the specified or better price, if such price exists on the market when they are executed.

How the margin is calculated?

1. Using Trading Calculator. 2. According to the formula. The margin is calculated according to the following formula: = / where: Contract size - the order volume in the base currency of the trading instrument (the first currency in the ticker). The order volume of 1 lot for all currency pairs is always equal to 100,000 units of the instrument base currency. Leverage - the leverage value. Example: You buy 1 lot of EURUSD. Account currency: EUR. Leverage: 1:100. = 100,000 / 100 = 1,000 EUR If your account currency differs from the base currency of the instrument, you have to convert the margin amount into the account currency at the rate when your position is opened. Example: You buy 1 lot of EURUSD. Account currency: USD. Margin in the base currency of the asset: 1,000 EUR. Current EURUSD rate: 1.2345. = 1,000 * 1.2345 = 1,234.50 USD

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit depends on the account type: Minimum deposit amount is 300 USD.

What does "Trade flow is busy" mean?

The "Trade flow is busy" message appears when a client sends a new order to the server without waiting for a response to the previous request. Usually this message means there’s a short-term loss of connection with the trading server, and the client has not received a response from the server and his next order is put in queue on the client terminal. To resolve the issue, restart the terminal.